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I was so excited to acquire this antique Irish medal of St Dymnpha. It’s so tiny and feminine. She is the patron Saint of mental illness, sleep disorders, and anxiety. This antique replica medal was hand made out of bronze clay in my studio and is finished with a technique to give it a baroque style gold finish. It is paired with a delicate antique style non tarnish chain with Lobster claw closure.

To gauge the size and proportions of this design, see the image of the necklace beside a quarter in the listing photos. A quarter is approximately 1” in diameter for reference.

Each antique medal in my Crown of Grace collection was lovingly searched for according to it’s age, shape, subject matter, and rarity. Many of the medals used during my hand replicating process are over a century old. I reproduce each piece by making a mold, hand pressing small batch bronze clay into the mold, drying, and kiln firing at 1420 degrees in a double carbon process. Each medal is hand wire brushed to give them a matte gold base and polished on the high relief areas to give them a luxurious Baroque light gold finish.

The chains that I use in my designs are hand selected to compliment the medals. They have a double layer of non tarnish matte gold finish for durability and tarnish resistance. In addition, they are nickel, cadmium, & lead free.

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Feast Day May 15
Patronage of St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna is the patron saint of those with epilepsy, incest victims, those who have lost their parents, mental health caregivers and professionals, those suffering from emotional, nervous, or mental illness, rape and sexual abuse victims and runaways. Because of the miraculous healings and events that have taken place at her burial site, in addition to those reported by those who seek her intercession in prayer, St. Dymphna is a popular saint among those whose lives have been affected by mental health challenges (this includes not only the person suffering from mental illness, but their family, friends, and treatment professionals, as well).

St. Dymphna was a seventh century Irish virgin martyr. She was 15 (in about 620) when she lost her life spurning the incestuous advances of her father who insisted on marrying her to replace her deceased mother. When she learned of his plan, she fled from Ireland to Gheel, Belgium, but he found her there and beheaded her when she would not cooperate with him.

There have been many reports of St. Dymphna miraculously curing the mental, emotional, and neurological afflictions of pilgrims to her burial site in Gheel. Based on these miracles and the story of her martyrdom, she was canonized in 1247 and named patron saint of the mentally ill. Her patronage also extends to incest and rape victims and runaways.

St. Dymphna is most often shown with a sword or lamp in her hand and a restrained devil at her feet. Her feast day is May 15.

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