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Beautiful, chunky, matte gold antique replica charm bracelet! This handmade heirloom quality piece is made from 10 unique and rare religious medals. Decriptions of the medals are as follows from left to right in the photo with the bracelet layed out straight.
1. French, Eucharistic Crusade Cross with two angels holding the chalice
2. Spain, Rectangular Art Nouveau Mary depicting the Assencion into heaven
3. Round, French, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
4. Diamond shaped, Italian, Our Lady of Teramo with Mary holding baby Jesus and the Holy Spirit (dove) over her head.
5. French, The Last Supper depicting Jesus with the 12 disciples
6. French, arrowhead shape, Miraculous Mary
7. Rare, French, St Joseph teaching Jesus the trade of carpentry
8. Uruguay, unique and rare shape, Miraculous Mary
9. Spanish, Sacred Heart of Jesus
10. Large German Miraculous Mary medal with detailed flowing cloak

Each antique medal in my Crown of Grace collection was lovingly searched for according to it’s age, shape, subject matter, and rarity. Many of the medals used during my hand replicating process are over a century old. I reproduce each piece by making a mold, hand pressing small batch bronze clay into the mold, drying, and kiln firing at 1420 degrees in a double carbon process. Each medal is hand wire brushed to give them a matte gold base and polished on the high relief areas to give them a luxurious Baroque light gold finish.

The medals are assembled on a non-tarnish matte gold chunky braided chain. The chain has an additional layer of matte finish applied for duribility and additional tarnish resistance. This piece is a favorite in the Crown of Grace collection. It is bold, substantial, and absolutely gorgeous.

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